Riley Camryn

Singing non-stop while growing up, Riley has taken her love of music and added passion and hard work. Riley is a classically trained singer, with a love for country music, studying Royal Conservatory Music (currently level 4), but also has a love for many different genres of music. She has always had a love of pop music with a connection to country pop with artists like Taylor Swift. Starting with cover songs, Riley began an Instagram account and was quickly discovered by Jan Jansen of BluePurple Records. Riley and Jan collaborated to record cover songs, leading to the creation of her Youtube channel. After multiple covers, it was Riley’s chance to release an original song, “Soaring High.” “I am so happy how it has turned out. It was such a personal process writing and recording. ‘Soaring High’ means a lot to me; it’s the product of my experiences growing up and my passion for life and music.”

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My Story” (Original song)


Growing Pains

Last Christmas”

Cry Pretty

Soaring High” by Riley Camryn

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