Hailing from The Netherlands, Jan Jansen Music is a songwriter, musician, producer, and publisher who strives to help young artists plant their feet in the music industry.

Jan Jansen Music composes music and produces musical arrangements for songs that artists have already written. I also collect and buy songs written by major artists, producers, or owned copyright holders. Jan Jansen Music abides by the U.S., Canadian, and Dutch laws/regulations.

A member of SENA and Buma/Stemra, Jan Jansen Music produces their creations from the heart of Gouda. They create radio-friendly and contemporary music that’s cherished around the globe. Making music since 1981, they were a member of the 80s band, Last Century, and has been a session musician for countless local acts. They’ve also played in many notable venues while never failing to leave an audience feeling refreshed.

Jan Jansen Music is constantly seeking new and young artists to help guide their careers into the music industry until they’re ready to spread their wings. They’re available to work with you to create your next song at an affordable rate. Jan Jansen Music invests in both old and new music, along the lines of rock, country, r&b, soul, and electronic music.

I can work with you to create your next song at an affordable rate.

Jan Jansen Music complies to the US, Canadian and Dutch laws and regulations. 

Please contact me for inquires.